Kinetic Chain Check Points

Kinetic Chain Check Points I have been posting for the past two years on topics related to healthy living, but I have yet to give you a definition of what “health” is.  I will attempt to do that today.  According to Webster, health is “the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit.”  WikipediaContinue reading “Kinetic Chain Check Points”

Letter to the President

Letter to the President On the eve of Election Day, I thought that this would be an appropriate post for Healthy Living. My granddaughter Violet went trick or treating last Wednesday with some new friends, one of whom was three years old.  When Violet got home, she told my wife that the three-year-old was gettingContinue reading “Letter to the President”

Ole Miss

Ole Miss “People only get what they are willing to fight for.” James Meredith Exactly fifty-six years ago today, on October 1 1962, despite the resistance of Mississippi Governor Ross Barnett and the solid white establishment, James Meredith became the first African-American student to attend the all-white University of Mississippi in its 116-year-old history.  This required the interventionContinue reading “Ole Miss”

Healthy Mindsets

Healthy Mindsets Dr. Caroline Leaf is a cognitive neuroscientist, bestselling author, and mental health and mind expert.  In her latest book “Think, Learn, Succeed”, Dr. Leaf describes how different mindsets, through quantum effects, change our brains. Through following the simple steps outlined in her book, you can change your brain and experience a successful life.Continue reading “Healthy Mindsets”

A Healthy Society

A Healthy Society “Liberty and justice for all” The concept of Healthy Living comes from a teaching that I put together in 1983.  The original teaching had six points: Spiritual Health Mental/Emotional Health Physical Health Relational Health Financial Health A Healthy Society I changed Financial Health to Fulfilling Our Purpose during my time in graduateContinue reading “A Healthy Society”