Letter to the President

Letter to the President

On the eve of Election Day, I thought that this would be an appropriate post for Healthy Living.

My granddaughter Violet went trick or treating last Wednesday with some new friends, one of whom was three years old.  When Violet got home, she told my wife that the three-year-old was getting all the attention and extra candy because she is only three, and everyone thinks little kids are cuter than big kids.

She wondered if she should write to the President to change this way of thinking because it is not right.  My wife suggested that she write to Ellen, but Violet insisted that she wanted to write to the President, so here is her letter (as dictated to my wife):

Dear President Trump,

I think it would be good if the big kids could be cute too and not just the little ones. Tell this on every show. We want both of them to be the same amount, the big kids AND the little kids.

Goodbye from Violet Natt

I am 5 years old.


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