Another Spring Morning in Minnesota

Another Spring Morning in Minnesota

Birds chirping, flowers blooming, kids playing outdoors. Not today! Instead I was greeted with a couple of inches of snow for my morning training walk. No problem: “The show must go on”, “No guts, no glory”, “No test, no testimony”, or something like that. Anyway, I have my thoughts and my tunes with me as I begin my trek from Life Time Crosstown to The Depot coffee house.

At 6:15 A.M. except for a squirrel or rabbit, the Bionic Man, a perpetual early riser, is your trail blazer to cut a path as I trudge through the virgin snow on the LRT path to Hopkins. Maybe this will be the day that I throw in the towel early and do the “smart” thing by calling my wife at The Depot to pick me up rather than brave the elements back. Nah – besides I don’t have my cell phone with me.

As I approach Excelsior Boulevard I can see that the Hopkins residents must have prayed that the spring snow would bypass them because I don’t see much snow on the other side of the path. Apparently, they didn’t pray hard enough though because I was greeted by a sheet of ice as I hit the Hopkins side of the trail. At least I had a chance to practice my balance and skating skills for the next ¾ mile until I reached The Depot.

Today I earned my midway cup of coffee and oatmeal cranberry chia cookie. The way back was much easier due to a slight tail wind and that a few other crazies had hit the trail after me making my footing and traction easier on the back nine.

As I drive home several hours later the sun has risen and most of the snow on the road has melted, and no one knows or cares that a bionic trail blazer cut a path in the snow on the LRT path to Hopkins that day. But 19,000 steps later, I feel great, and I am so glad that I didn’t have my cell phone with me.

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